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Curbside Pickup

Curbside Pickup

In response to requests to pick-up local refills and/or make purchases, we would like to offer a curbside pick-up option at our production facility two days a week, beginning Saturday, March 28th.

As you may know, we are a small family business and Frank and Christy Figone want to assure you they are following all CDC guidelines and keeping our facility sanitized and clean! Our production and shipping facility is closed to the public. Our staff is staying home and Frank and Christy are the only people filling orders. Being a food manufacturer we are considered an essential business.

Details for our 2x weekly curbside pickup:

Wednesdays 11:00AM to 2PM and Saturdays 11AM to 2 PM
@ Figone’s Olive Oil Mill
1620 Carneros Meadows Lane, Suite 110
Sonoma, CA 95476


Please follow our strict instructions, which we have laid out to make the process operate safely and smoothly.

  1. Email your order to: [email protected]
  2. We will send a payable invoice by email. Your order must be paid prior to pick-up.
  3. If you are a local club member, please indicate you would like a “LOCAL REFILL” of olive oil or balsamic vinegar. Please do not bring your local bottle. We will provide a brand new plastic container and you can make the transfer when you get home.
  4. We will have your order bagged and ready for pick-up!
  5. Please follow the indicated drive-through area in the front of our olive oil mill and stay in your car. We will meet you at the curb.
  6. When picking up your order please provide the name on your paid invoice.
  7. We will bring your items out to you at the curb.

We sincerely appreciate each and every one of you and wish you all good health and some sanity during this unusually difficult time.

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