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Figone Olive Oil Co. is proud to offer an exceptional way to ensure that our olive oil and vinegar products will always be a part of your cooking. We invite you to learn more about us and see why every bottle of Figone's Oil or Vinegar is something special.

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We're a small, family operated, specialty Olive Oil and Balsamic producer located on the Square in beautiful Sonoma, California.

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Always Extra Virgin

That's what we sell, and it's our slogan because of it! All of the luxurious olive oils we sell are always made with the highest quality olives. Our Mission Manzanillo & Tuscan Blend are our most traditional EVOO.

Family Operated

Figone's Olive Oil is a small, family operated, specialty Olive Oil and Balsamic producer located on the Square in beautiful Sonoma, California.

Fall in love with combinations of oil and vinegar that will give your senses an experience worth coming back for.

Secret formula

Providing an excellent product is nothing without a special ingredient, and ours is love! Every olive that passes through our press to become olive oil is hand bottled with care!

Premium Products

Some of our balsamic vinegars are aged up to 25 years, and we take great pride in providing exceptional and sumptuous goods that take decades to craft and harvest.

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  • Most amazing experience! The best balsamic vinegar I've ever had. So much that I signed up for the quarterly club!
  • Delightful, yet diligent customer service. Love the all-California balsamic, have been desiring non-Italian balsamic for 10 years due to lead concerns.
  • I love things from Italy. I bought a nice set of Jaqcard dish towels with Olive Decor.
  • It was so nice to visit your store as you are so passionate about your product and a very good product you have. It was also nice to meet you and I'm sure I will enjoy your oil and vinegar and will be back
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